Tuesday, June 19, 2007


He was first a Democrat, then switched to the GOP when he felt it would be an easier primary to win. Now, New York City Mayor and billionaire Michael P. Bloomberg has left the Republican Party to register as an Independent, further increasing the speculation that he may be preparing for a run for the White House.

Bloomberg, who has led America's largest city for 5 1/2 years, has recently complained about the widening partisan gap. Pundits have guessed that the former CEO would run as a centrist as the Republican candidates court the far right and Democrats seek the leftist activist support. Although a Republican, Bloomberg has been at odds with President Bush and the national GOP leadership. He is pro-choice on the issue of abortion, pro-gay marriage, gun control, and stem cell research.

The word is that should Bloomberg decide to give it a try, he would be willing to spend up to $500 million of his own fortune.


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