Thursday, January 11, 2007


I actually intended to listen to President Bush's address to the nation (click here for a transcript) last night announcing his plans for our continued involvement in Iraq. However, after about five minutes of his drivel, I simply could not stand it any longer and fell asleep. It had already been a long day, beginning with a 7:30 AM meeting at my job, two hours before my scheduled shift, so this po' boy was too tired for any more BS.

Those folks who disapprove of our occupation --- or whatever you want to call our involvement in Iraq --- and want to bring the troops home posthaste have scheduled a protest for this afternoon at 5:30 at the Southgate Shopping Centre, 2515 South Florida Avenue in Lakeland [map].

Personally, I'm torn. If there was anyone who deserved to die for the atrocities committed against his own people, it was Saddam Hussein. However, the reasons given for our entry into Iraq was based on erroneous information and flat-out lies. That said, we're there, and to pull out forces out now would more than likely cause the situation to decay into all-out civil war. The Iraqis must begin to take control of their own situation as soon as possible, but their police and military have to be trained to become a professional force. That will take time, but we must advise the Iraqi leadership that time is something we do not have an endless supply of.

While the military and political leadership does not seem to be willing to do so, we should begin to set a timetable that by the end of this year we will begin bringing home some of our military personnel as more Iraqi police and military become trained to take over their assigned roles and become available to train others. In the end, a limited number of military advisors should remain to assist as needed for guidance and to report on the progress of the Iraqis.


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