Thursday, January 11, 2007


Luis Navarro has resigned as Executive Director of the Florida Democratic Party to become Campaign Manager for the presidential campaign of U.S. Senator Joseph Biden, Jr. (D - DE). Navarro is a seasoned campaign organizer who was recruited by Bill Nelson to join the state party organization. He told the St. Petersburg Times political blog The Buzz that "I don't look at it as leaving Florida. I look at it as making sure we win in 2008...While I think we're blessed with a strong field of Democratic candidates, I truly believe the number one issue for voters is going to be Iraq, and they're looking for a seasoned leader with strong security credentials."

Replacing Navarro as Executive Director will be Leonard Joseph, an Orlando-area regional representative for the state party. He has previously worked as a regional political director for the John Kerry presidential campaign and for Fernando Ferrer's deputy campaign manager for New York City Mayor.

Among other hires of significance concerning the I-4 Corridor: Shamike R.O. Baker has been named as the Democrats' Tampa Bay Regional Coordinator, and Nate Jenkins will be the Central Florida Regional Coordinator. The Buzz takes note that Mr. Jenkins was trained in political organizing by U.S. Senator Barak Obama's "Yes We Can" programme for people of colour.


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Sounds great. New York dems remember Leonard as the guy who was fired from the Ferrer campaign for saying Democrats don't care about Staten Island, and then inviting a bunch of Republican elected officials to a Dem strategy session with the candidate. Go Florida! Thanks for taking him off our hands!

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