Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Elizabeth McCallum lost a fairly close Democratic primary for the District 52 State Representative post last Tuesday. But there are a number of Democrats who are not happy with her decision to work with the gubernatorial campaign of Reform Party candidate Max Linn as a media consultant.

The St. Petersburg Times political blog The Buzz asked Ms. McCallum if that means she is working against her party's nominee, Congressman Jim Davis. She said that "I think Max will take more votes away from [GOP nominee] Charlie Crist than Jim Davis. Plus Max and I agree on most issues.'' But she also claims that a number of supporters of Democratic primary runner-up State Senator Rod Smith are embracing the Linn campaign following Davis' victory speech in which he hardly acknowledged Smith.

One item some folks may not realize is that Max Linn has selected as his running mate Tom Macklin, who changed his party affiliation last Thursday and was scheduled to resign as mayor of Avon Park last evening. Macklin made headlines earlier this year with his proposals to make English the city's official language and to fine businesses and landlords who assisted illegal immigrants in any way. They failed on a city council vote in July.


Anonymous drkptt said...

I guess with Macklin as his running mate Max won't be completing the 'en Espanol' page on his website.

10:19 AM  

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