Friday, September 08, 2006


Democratic gubernatorial nominee Jim Davis has one week to decide who he wants to become his lieutenant governor running mate. As he is seen as weak among many African-American voters, Congressman Davis is being encouraged by many within the black community to select one amongst them to share the ticket with.

If he does do so, let me raise my voice here on behalf of a fine Democrat and a rising voice within the party, former State Senator Daryl Jones.

A Miami attorney and investment banker, Mr. Jones is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, and was nominated by then-President Bill Clinton to become Secretary of the Air Force. Four years ago he became the first African-American candidate in recent Florida history to run for governor, and although he far shadowed the other two major candidates (former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno and Bill McBride) he made a very respectable showing in the primary.

I have met Daryl Jones and heard him speak on at least a couple of occasions, and have always been very impressed with his personality and presentation. It is my sincere belief that with his background Mr. Jones would make a wonderful liaison between the governor's office and the legislature, and that if, God forbid, Jim Davis would become unable to serve, he would make the State of Florida proud in the office.

I would strongly encourage my fellow bloggers to spread the word if you agree with me on your own blogs, and encourage everyone, in and out of the blogosphere, to let the Davis campaign know that you would like to see Daryl Jones as part of the ticket.

Here's how you can contact the Jim Davis for Governor campaign:

By mail:
Jim Davis for Governor
Post Office Box 10399
Tampa, Florida 33679

By E-Mail:

By Phone: (813) 875-2006

By Fax: (863) 874-2137


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