Saturday, September 09, 2006


She is an outspoken woman, and many members of the Polk County Democratic Executive Committee dread when she comes to the podium because of her often rambling bits (she doesn't seem to know what time limits are), but retired teacher Carol Castagnero of Lakeland got some notice in the aftermath of her second run for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. "Grandma", as she refers to herself, ran primarily on the idea of eliminating the FCAT, only receiving 5.3 percent of the vote, but it was not all a negative.

First, Beth Reinhard in today's Miami Herald, in writing about the "winners" and "losers" in the primary election:

"Winner: Carol Castagnero. The retired teacher from Lakeland -- who reportedly sleeps in Wal-Mart parking lots when she travels because she doesn't feel safe in hotels -- spent a little more than $13,000 on her Democratic campaign for governor. Still, 44,949 voters -- more than 5 percent of the electorate -- preferred her to Davis or rival Rod Smith."

And, earlier in the week from the St. Petersburg Times political blog The Buzz:

"Consider a couple of numbers from Tuesday's primary elections for governor.

"Democrat Carol "Grandma" Castagnero, an obscure candidate who got 5.3 percent of the vote, spent $12,500 on her campaign for governor (through 8/31). She got 44,799 votes (unofficial returns from Division of Elections website).

"Republican Tom Gallagher received 326,954 votes and spent $9,216,730.

"Do the math: Castagnero spent 28 cents for every vote she received. Gallagher spent $28 for every vote he received."


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