Monday, September 11, 2006


On Friday, I mentioned that Polk County Commissioner Randy Wilkinson's Republican primary opponent, avaition business owner Betty Hill, announced that she would support Democratic nominee Robert Connors in the November general election for the District 2 post. She stated to the Lakeland Ledger that in her opinion Connors, could get more respect and support from fellow commissioners and members of the community.

Today, Ledger political columnist Bill Rufty writes that Connors is getting more support from other Republicans, including former commissioner Ken Richardson. He and Connors came on the BOCC together in 1992, and served for two years until Connors left for an ill-fated run for Congress. Richardson could be considered a moderate on at least a couple of issues which he generally agrees with Connors, including support for growth management and concern for the enviroment.

But Rufty also notes:

"But while the support for Connors from this one Republican is understandable, the actions of other Republicans may provoke a little head scratching. Republican officials who have criticized Connors in the past, often brutally, have now thrown their support to him. Even some in the building trades who are wary of his growth-management policies have thrown in.

"But is it support for whom they believe is the best candidate or is it sour grapes for spending all that time and money on Hill only to be beaten once again by Wilkinson?"

It doesn't matter, IMHO. Connors is the best candidate in the race, and I'm sure the building trades folks realize they aren't getting a lackey and know that Robert has not given up his growth management ideas.


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