Monday, June 19, 2006


Lakeland Ledger political writer Bill Rufty reports this morning that Congresswoman and U.S. Senate candidate Katherine Harris (R - Longboat Key) apparantly needs more money for her effort to unseat Democratic incumbant Bill Nelson, even though she had publicly promised to use $10 million of her own money.

She recently mailed letters to many of her traditional supporters which included a $1 bill to capture their attention. Harris' letter included a four page diatribe slamming Nelson and a request that the dollar be mailed back with a large donation.

Rufty noted that Ms. Harris is, correctly, playing the front runner role. She does not even make mention of her three Republican primary opponents, keeping her sight solely on a general election showdown against Nelson.

These last paragraphs from Rufty's column today caught my eye:

But she is taking no chances with her fundraising. Despite what has now turned out to be a somewhat embarrassing pledge on the Sean Hannity show to spend her late father George Harris' legacy to her -- a legacy that has not yet been totally inventoried in probate court -- she may not have enough campaign cash.

That is because all sign posts in the [Orlando attorney Will] McBride campaign appear to point to presidential adviser Karl Rove, and Rove knows fundraising.


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