Sunday, August 14, 2005


Vicki McClure reports in today's Orlando Sentinel that the state will begin releasing questions and answers for a small group of past Florida Comprehensive Achievement Tests on the Web site for the Department of Education.

State officials have previously fought the idea of allowing parents, students, and teachers to view the tests, and the announcement will still not be satisfactory for many. FCAT releases this year will begin with only reading and math in grades four and eight, as well as math and makeup reading in grade 10.

The schedule for the following three years:

Fall 2006 -- Reading and math in grades three, seven and nine.

Fall 2007 -- Reading and math in grades five and six; science in grades five and eight.

Fall 2008 -- Reading and math in grades four, eight and 10. Science in grade 11.

These releases are contingent upon legislative funding, and could be delayed.

Student answer sheets will not be made available, so parents will not be able to check their child's answers.


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