Saturday, August 13, 2005


Tampa radio station WXTB-FM (a/k/a "98 Rock") had three listeners dress up like escaped inmates Friday, shackled and dressed in what appeared to be jail uniforms, and try to get motorists during morning rush hour in Pasco County give them a ride. The goal was to be the first to make it back to the station's Tampa studio, with the winner receiving a trip to Los Angeles as part of a promotion connected with Fox Television's upcoming new show "Prison Break".

Needless to say, motorists and area residents were terrorized and called the Pasco County Sheriff's Office, which mobilized all available deputies to the scene. The three contenstants were taken into custody, but released after an hour with no charges being filed.

The radio station apologized for the confusion and inconvenience to residents "who were alarmed by this stunt.''


Blogger aikane said...

I reckon them boys hadn't heard of the new "shoot to kill" law in Florida:

"Why, officer, the man appeared to be an escaped prisoner. I was a'scared for my personal safety, so I aimed and cocked and... he was trying to get away and... BANG! What's a law-abiding citizen to do?"

6:53 PM  

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