Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Friday, I posted that a Sunday School class from Bartow's First Baptist Church had erected a Nativity scene on the grounds in front of the Neil Combee County Administration Building, without seeking permission of county officials. This was hours after the County Commission had denied permission to First Presbyterian Church of Bartow to put up a similar display in front of the old County Courthouse.

The idea behind denying religious displays on public property is that once you give approval for one group, you must treat all other religions the same...even groups such as the Wiccans or snake-worshippers. To do otherwise would be to promote or give one one religion preference over another, which would be contrary to our Constitution.

The County Commission has asked the church's pastor to appear before them at their meeting Wednesday to officially request that the Nativity scene remain through the holiday. Even if that request is denied, the county would likely give the church a period of time to remove it...which means it would likely remain through the Christmas weekend.

Now, it seems that person(s) unknown have now placed another display next to the Nativity scene. A sign reading "Festivus For The Rest Of Us" was put up Tuesday, with the signature "Donated to Polk County by the Seinfeld Fan Club".

Festivus is a make-believe holiday created by characters on the 90's NBC sitcom, and is celebrated with a pole, insults, and wrestling.

Happy Festivus!


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