Friday, December 17, 2004


Unfortunately, I had another meeting last night which prevented me from attending Senator Bob Graham's lecture at Florida Southern College. It was my loss, as Senator Graham's loss in the U.S. Senate will be the loss of Florida and all America. All I have not purchased his book "Intellegence Matters" yet, it is at the top of my Christmas list (hint).

The man is simply a wealth of knowledge in the area of national security and intellegence issues, and he can put often complex scenarios into terms where many common people can understand. But he won't be just sitting on the sidelines doing the "talking head" shows, as he has no less than three projects planned:

After he leaves office, Graham said he will work on developing two policy institutes, located
at two as-yet-undisclosed Florida universities. One institute will concentrate on encouraging
young people to choose careers in public service.

The other, expected to be based in Florida and several other states, will be an intelligence
training institute, similar to military academies, where students would learn the languages
and cultures needed in the new intelligence world and then owe service to the government."

And my third project is to develop better learning of the cultures and politics of Latin America,"
he said.


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