Monday, December 20, 2004


Lakeland Ledger political columnist Bill Rufty reports today that State Representative Dennis Ross (R-Lakeland) is planning to run in 2006 for the position of Chief Financial Officer, which will likely be vacated when incumbant Tom Gallagher makes his run for Governor.

Ross, a native of Lakeland and attorney whose firm has specialized in workman's compensation cases (representing the employers; he previously worked for the Walt Disney Company in that area), really wanted to run for Attorney General, which is expected to also be vacated with Charlie Crist's intention to run for Governor. The only problem is that per state election law, Ross would have to sever all ties to the law firm he founded nearly a decade ago.

The job of CFO may not sound that exciting, but it has the potential to be an excellent stop on the way to the Governor's office. The Chief Financial Officer also handles the job formerally done by the old Insurance Commissioner, which has helped Gallagher's stature with this year's hurricanes.

There will be more entering the race in the next few months, but Ross is certainly not taking any time. He needs it, as he is not that well known outside his Polk/Hillsborough district. It will take time for him to build a statewide following, so now is certainly now too soon.


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