Thursday, December 16, 2004


You have to wonder if / when the Florida Department of Children and Families will EVER get it right. Even when a probation officer for the mother calls the Child Abuse Hotline to report six children living in squlid conditions in a hotel room filled with garbage, DCF botches the job and deep-sixes the report! The incredible thing is that the mother is already on probation for abusing her children...and the result is that one of the kids ends up dead, and Mommy's in jail for first degree murder with aggraviated chid abuse.

They didn't even bother checking out the report...and this was not just a situation of some nosy neighbour with a bone to pick. This was the mother's actual PROBATION OFFICER from her previous AGGRAVIATED CHILD ABUSE CASE asking DCF to look at the situation!

I fully understand that the vast majority of DCF people do the best they can in their own squlid situation. But since Jeb! has been in place his administration has done nothing but slash and burn that department, in the apparant hopes of eventually privitazing many of it's services. Budget and positions have been eliminated, especially in the field, morale is in the toilet, and workloads are almost impossable. As long as this is the idea that Jeb! and the Legislature has for Children and Families, we'll continue to see disgraceful situations such as what happened in Orlando this week.

A black eye on all of Florida.


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