Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Kai Gadison, the four year old child who was beaten and murdered by her mother last week in Orlando, was buried yesterday in a small cemetary in Lake Alfred, just north of Winter Haven in central Polk County. Neither of her parents attended the graveside service. Her mother, Kenya Hill, remaines jailed without bail in Orange County, and father Nathan Gadison is believed to still be in Alabama and did not return to central Florida as expected. He had apparantly abandoned the family before little Kai's tragic demise.

And the Orlando Sentinel noted in yesterday's edition that Ms. Hill misled DCF officials, probation officers, and even her own family. She had promised that she would divorce her husband, who had previously been charged with the abuse of her children, and also that she would stop having children. But her life continued down the slippery slope. There were warning signs all around, but between DCF and the courts, nothing was done to protect the children.

And the Sentinel editorial today calls it an "Avoidable Tragedy". A huge understatement. But now, at her place of rest in quiet Lake Alfred, little Kai is now at peace. While we may mourn her passing, at least she is in a much better place.


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