Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Sorry for those who have not seen any new posts on this board during the past couple of days. While at work Sunday afternoon I had an epileptic seizure, not an unusual occurance, but with my blood pressure at 210/140 or thereabouts my supervisor and the EMTs who came insisted that I head to the hospital to get checked out. I didn't take the ambulance --- I was not about to get stuck with a $400+ bill for the trip --- but had a co-worker take me. As it turned out, they admitted me for observation and a couple of tests. After some meds and after the tests came out negative, I just was released and am ready to get back to a normal schedule early tomorrow.

Apparantly I didn't miss much newswise. No great surprises in the local races here in Polk County, as voters seem to like familiar names...who says familiarity breeds contempt? It looks like Randy Wilkinson is winning his GOP nomination to retain his District 2 seat on the Polk County Commission, and will face former Commissioner Robert Connors in November. Another former commissioner and Winter Haven Mayor, Bruce Parker, has a slim lead over GOP primary opponent Martha Santiago. He will likely face Democratic nominee Jean Reed in the general election.


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