Thursday, September 07, 2006


--- Now that we know who the nominees and indies are, the next step is the guessing game as to who their running mates will be. For those new to Florida and/or it's political system, the gubernatorial candidates choose their lieutenant governor running mates, unlike a number of states where the LG candidates run independently. I believe they have until the end of next week to make that announcement, so look for the speculation to begin very soon. However, for some reason I don't expect Rod Smith or Tom Gallagher to be on the nominee's short lists.

--- The St. Petersburg Timespolitical blog The Buzz made an interesting point Wednesday about what those votes really cost:

Democrat Carol "Grandma" Castagnero, an obscure candidate [from Lakeland] who got 5.3 percent of the vote, spent $12,500 on her campaign for governor (through 8/31)[and all of it her own]. She got 44,799 votes (unofficial returns from Division of Elections website).

Republican Tom Gallagher received 326,954 votes and spent $9,216,730.

Do the math: Castagnero spent 28 cents for every vote she received. Gallagher spent $28 for every vote he received.


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