Friday, August 18, 2006


That is an interesting question that needs to be asked as we are two and a half weeks before the primary election...and don't forget that early voting begins on Monday.

Certainly, there may some local or congressional races that will attract attention and interest, but one has to consider that 1) U.S. Senate incumbant Bill Nelson has no credible opposition in the primary before likely facing Katherine Harris in November, 2) the two biggest name gubernatorial candidates on the Democratic side are vitually unknown to voters outside their home areas, and 3) polls have shown a 40-55 percent undecided majority in the the race between Rod Smith and Jim Davis. That likely means either a whole lotta people will make up their minds between now and September 7, or a whole lotta Democratic voters will simply keep away from the polls with no preference between Smith and Davis.

The same scenario works out for the GOP, with Ms. Harris the clear frontrunner in the U.S. Senate race and Charlie Crist with a 20 percent or more lead in the gubernatorial primary. There aren't any really interesting statewide contests for either party looking down the ballot.

Regardless of who you support, one can only hope that doesn't happen. There needs to be a clear mandate by Florida voters as to who will lead their party's ticket for the general election, and that can only be done by a good turnout.


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