Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Former four-star general and 2004 presidential candidate Wesley Clark is still in the thick of the political picture, although he seems to be working primarily under the radar.

For those who may have thought that Clark had just gone back to his Arkansas home to enjoy a quiet retirement, think again. After he dropped out of the Democratic presidential race he started an organization, WesPAC, to help elect Democrats to the White House and Congress and provide leadership on issues on national security. He also appears occasionally on news programs to discuss national security issues.

From ABC News' The Note Tuesday:

Spotted on Capitol Hill yesterday: Wes Clark, speaking, according to a source who was there, to a standing-room-only gathering of Democratic Senate staffers with a national security bent. Clark gave an upbeat account of the Party's fight to forge policy alternatives to President Bush's plans. He urged Democrats to stop talking about exit strategies and timelines and focus on how to win in Iraq.

He also joined Leaders Reid and Pelosi for a closed-door meeting of their newly announced National Security Advisory Group, including bold-faced names Perry and Albright.

The interesting items from that piece: He appeared before a SRO gathering, and the item appeared under The Note's heading "Democrats: 2008"


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