Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Mark Lane is snooping around Tallahassee, so he isn't posting to his FloridaBlog (UPDATE: Thanks for the heads up. I originally credited Mark with Florida Politics, but had a bad case of brain overload). But that doesn't mean that you can't read his work.

He writes in his Daytona Beach News Journal column today that the Internet has definately upped the stakes when it comes to our open records laws. It is, after all, Sunshine Week. It's a good piece of work, and a reminder that we should all be diligent as some in government continue their efforts to weaken public access.


Anonymous Florida Politics said...

Yipes! The excellent Mark Lane writes FlaBlog (aka Florida Blog) not Florida Politics. That Florida Politcs fellow is someone else, and he just got back from Tallahassee

8:41 PM  

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