Tuesday, March 15, 2005


With the probability of a special election within the next couple of months more likely, the list of potential candidates grows to replace Buddy Dyer, who has been suspended pending the resolution of his court case. Here they are:

Bill Frederick: Democrat-turned-Republican in 1999. Served as Orlando mayor from 1980-1992. Once, before he flip-flopped parties, Frederick was viewed as a rising star in the Democratic Party and was considered as a potential candidate for governor. Has the support of Orange County mayor Rich Crotty, former Orange County Chairperson Linda Chapin, Attorney/Republican fundraiser Fred Leonhardt, and ad executive/former mayoral candidate Pete Barr.

Homer Hartage: Democratic Orange County Commissioner who actually lives in Pine Hills but may challenge the city's residency requirment. Has sought an opinion from the Attorney General's office on that issue. My question: Why, if you don't live in Orlando, do you want to become mayor there?

Sam Ings: Democratic Orlando police captain. Finished third in the 2004 race behind Dyer and Ken Mulvaney.

Alex Lamour: Independent who has run for a variety of offices in Orlando and Orange County. Has said he would try, try again.

Daisy Lynum: Democratic City Commissioner and critic of Dyer who has been planning a run for the top job in 2008. She may not have to wait that long now.

Ken Mulvaney: Finished second to Dyer in 2004. Former bar owner. Has filed a lawsuit to order a repeat of the runoff election between he and Dyer which, considering Dyer's current situation, would make him the winner by default.

Hector A. Tico Perez: Attorney and political radio talk show host. Former mayoral candidate who is considering another run.

William E. "Bill" Sublette: Attorney. Republican attorney who ran for mayor in 2003. Reportedly seriously considering a run but not certain at this point.

Vicki Vargo: Republican City Commission. Has already filed papers to seek re-election to her seat this year, but hasn't ruled out changing her plans.


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