Saturday, March 19, 2005


Thumbing through yesterday's print edition of the Lakeland Ledger while waiting to get started at work, I came across this strongly worded piece by sports columnist Corey Long. Mr. Long called out retired baseball star Mark McGuire for his testimony --- if you want to call it that --- Thursday on Capitol Hill.

Now I know why the Bash Brothers never liked each other. For Mark McGwire, it's got to be tough to stare at Jose Canseco and see himself -- a liar, a cheater, a phony and a hypocrite...

Ever since his "harmless" bottle of androstenedione was found in 1998, McGwire has categorically denied (through his publicists) the use of steroids. No way, no how, not ever. And how dare anyone accuse him of otherwise.

But under the bright lights on Capitol Hill on Thursday, Mac couldn't say no. And by not saying no, he said a resounding yes...

But McGwire couldn't join Sosa and Rafael Palmeiro to just say no. I can't blame him. There's a pretty stiff penalty for lying under oath.

McGuire should have done the right thing and, if he had used, say so. He wouldn't have to "rat out" his friends and former teammates. He should just "be a man" and admit if he was a user.

Certainly, his accomplishments would be tainted, but people tend to forget over time. However, the respect he would have received for doing the right thing and telling the truth would have more than made up for it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the Committee to Make Headlines was really looking for the steroid problem in baseball today they should have called Bonds and Giambi. Not a man who retired 4 seasons ago.

McGwire not answering is as welcome as those filmmakers who didn't answer in the 50s.

Those who paid attention knew that McGwire took legal perfomance enhancing drugs...just like players have done over the last four decades (at least).

I feel sorry for the parents who lost their children, but to blame ballplayers is another example of poor parenting.


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