Thursday, October 07, 2004

Just a clarification to my post earlier today about the signing of radio shock jock Howard Stern by satellite radio service Sirius:

As you can tell, I've never been a fan of Stern or personalities of a similiar genre. There's nothing wrong with "pushing the envelope", but the personality --- and the broadcaster, using a license of the public airwaves --- must use caution because of the probablity of young people, including children, who may be listening...especially during the morning drive period from 6-10 AM. That is not to say you have to be squeaky clean, but a responsible host should refrain from some of the more raunchy humour and skits common on shows such as Stern's.

Stern's move to Sirius, along with the addition of fellow shock jocks Opie and Anthony to rival XM Satellite Radio is good for both. They will finally be able to do the shows they want to do, unencumbered by regulation on content or language. They will only be regulated by their employer (who pays their salaries) and listeners. Their listeners will finally be able to listen to the shows they truly expected to hear from reputation; they will just have to pay for the privilege. And Sirius / XM now have premier broadcast radio personalities in their stables with dedicated fan bases, more the cases with Stern.

Will satellite radio make it? That is the question. Both XM and Sirius are heavily in the red, and many are saying that Stern's deal of $100 million a year is too much. We shall see. It's growing, but growth and profit may not meet in time. As for me, I'll stick with local radio, but there are real problems there that owners need to address NOW before broadcasting as we know it becomes a thing of the past. I'll address that issue soon, I promise.


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