Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Last night in the Vice Presidential Debate the Republican incumbant, Dick Cheney, made a rather serious factual slipup that may backfire on him. When Democratic opponent Senator John Edwards challenged him on his record as CEO of Halliburton, Cheney called it an attempt to throw a smokescreen to hide the Kerry/Edwards record. The VP then referred to a Website,, for viewers to get what he said would be the correct info on Halliburton.

The problem: The site was wrong.

NPR's All Things Considered enlightened us on the real deal today. It seems that Cheney actually meant, which is related to the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Pennsylvania. is --- or actually, was, since the site has been taken down as of earlier today --- an advertising holder for encyclopedia companies. That site was overwhelmed with visits, until the owner forwarded all visits to You know George Soros, the billionaire that wants Bush/Cheney out so much that he has helped bankroll groups such as America Coming Together. is also down, probably due to the heavy traffic resulting from the mention, which the program noted was at several thousand hits a minute.

And speaking of Cheney, he made a post-debate stop in Tallahassee this morning for what was scheduled to be a town hall meeting focusing on health care. Most of the actual focus, however, was on the situation in Iraq.

One other election item of interest, and concern: There's some possible weird stuff going on in Leon County, according to the Tallahassee Democrat. Leon County received about 1,500 photocopied voter registration forms, mostly from predominately African-American precients around Florida A&M University. The overwhelmingly majority of those forms were marked as registering as Republican, but a spot check of individuals actually said they signed colour registration forms and not the black-and-white photocopies. In addition, the vast majority of those spot checked said they marked their party registration as Democratic.

The Leon County Supervisor of Elections became suspicious, since the precincts in question are traditionally heavily Democratic, thus the spot checks. Now the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has been asked to investigate.

Now really, is FDLE REALLY the agency you want to investigate this, considering their recent history. Check out these recent posts from Blogwood which documents some interesting concerns regarding the state law agency:

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