Sunday, October 03, 2004

Happy Sunday Morning!

---While everyone else in my household is still snoring, I'm checking out the various media to find out what's going on, and still happy over my beloved Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles defeat of USF last evening at Raymond James Stadium. It's become a good rivalry over the past few years, it's too bad this is the last time we'll meet each other in a Conference USA matchup. The Bulls' program has come so far in such a short period of time, and our programs have quite a bit in common when you look at them closely.

---The St. Petersburg Times isn't waiting any time to make it's endorsement for the U.S. Senate race. It is apparantly the first major Florida newspaper to do so, giving it's nod to Democrat Betty Castor over Republican nominee Mel Martinez. You may remember they had originally picked the two opponents in their respective party primaries, but days before the primary in an unusual decision recinded it's endorsement for Martinez in favor of former congressman Bill McCollum after Martinez' campaign put out some below-the-belt advertisments toward McCollum, who was his major opponent at the time. It will be interesting to see where the other major newspaper endorsements shake over the next 29 days until November 2.

---Let's not forget this is the Third Annual Blogger Boobie-Thon For Breast Cancer. Be sure to visit, and more importantly, give! My late mother suffered from breast cancer and had a double mascetomy. Unfortunately, the surgery apparantly did not get all of it as by then it has spread throughout her body, and she eventually died as a result. Education and prevention is so important! While my dear mom, an old-school rural country girl from Mississippi may not approve, this event is a truly entertaining, enlightening, and contemporary attempt to let people know about a serious issue. YOU GO, GIRLS!

---Concerned people still want to know the latest on the issue over the blog Florida Politics. If you remember, the site was hijacked during Jeanne as the owner was apparantly offline due to weather-related issues by person(s) of a noticably different political slant. Looking at the site, there hasn't been a post there in nearly a week. Either they have similar issues, Blogger has taken action, or the individual(s) have decided to stop their least for now. I hope that the issue will be resolved, and the original owner of the site will be back online very soon. He always had good information which I relied upon. I miss it greatly, and I'm sure many of you do as well.

---Well, so much for divine intervention...if you can't turn to God Almighty, turn to Jeb! instead! The family of Karl Strader, pastor of Lakeland's one-time mega-church Carpenter's Home Church, is seeking the governor's intervention to reduce the sentence on Strader's son Daniel, who was convicted almost a decade ago for swindling investors in a variety of business deals. This article from this morning's Lakeland Ledger briefly reviews the case, and there is a Web site the family has setup to promote their cause.

---And, the "boot" has been given to the state's only "boot camp" for juvenile girls, run by the Polk County Sheriff's Office. The State Department for Juvenile Justice and PCSO differed on how "tough" the "boot camp" should be. The Sheriff's Office said DJJ wanted to add additional athletic activities along with privileges such as DVDs, movies, and video games...but wanted PCSO to foot the bill. DJJ says it closed the camp because of a poor success rate and it's occupancy percentage was too low. Sheriff Lawrence Crow wants a military style "boot camp" with lots of physical exercise and work in addition to the schooling they receive, with the least amount of leisure as possible. Chief Circuit Judge Ron Herring told the Ledger, "It's not summer camp".


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