Friday, October 01, 2004

Scattering around on a Friday afternoon...

The Big Trifecta of hurricanes has claimed it's first insurance company victim. Plantation based American Superior Insurance Company is now in recievership --- the state calls it "in rehabilitation" --- because it is no longer able to pay it's claims.

My guess is that this is only the first of several companies to go under with all the pressure...

The Orlando Sentinel columnist Scott Maxwell has a couple of crazy tidbits from the Orange County legal world. Mentioned is the case of a woman set to stand trial Monday for slapping her then-boyfriend who had the gonads to beat the crap out of her, sending the woman to the hospital for three days with a fractured jaw. She stands trial; the State Attorney's office drops charges against the boyfriend. Also noted is the case of Judge Alan C. Todd, who made some rather inopportunitune comments to a courthouse deputy who had a child out of wedlock. Here's the pdf file of the complaint to the state Judicial Qualifications Commission and Todd's answer (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).

Speaking of things legal...there's a new show premiering on ABC Sunday evening that I'm looking forward to seeing. "Boston Legal" marks the return of William Shatner, who takes the lead as borderline sleezebag attorney Denny Crane in a role first played on "The Practice". This is no T.J. Hooker or James T. Kirk, friends. From what I have seen plus his appearances on "Practice", this promises to be an interesting, occasionally funny, unpredictable...the usual David E. Kelley production.


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