Saturday, November 04, 2006


Everyone has their sinful cravings. A lot of people smoke, others love their favourite adult libation. I'll be the first to admit that mine is a two-liter Pepsi (or, if I'm near a Wal-Mart, a Sam's Cola...hey, it's only 50 cents!) to take to work and last the day. It's an throwback from my days on the radio when most stations I worked for didn't have a drink machine and you were stuck in the studio for four or five hours.

In the case of Congresswoman Katherine Harris, it's a very specific Starbucks Coffee order: “Triple Venti, no fat, no foam, extra hot, with pink sugar.” According to those in the know, if she doesn't get it, or if the order is in the least bit wrong, the bitch in Ms. Harris really comes out. reviewed the Bartow native and U.S. Senate candidate's Federal Election Commission third quarter statement and noted that she reported 133 expendiures for the period from July through September, spending nearly $950 in campaign money on her Starbucks habit.

Thanks to Josh at Emprical Polk for the heads up.


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