Friday, October 13, 2006


Today Katherine Harris' hometown-area newspaper, the Sarasota Herald Tribune, endorsed incumbant Democratic U.S. Senator Bill Nelson for reelection to another term. It notes:

...Harris has stooped to religious bigotry, saying that God didn't intend this to be a "nation of secular laws" and that failure to elect "tried and true" Christians would allow lawmakers "to legislate sin."

Katherine Harris' recent behavior does not erase the good she has done as a state senator, state official and congresswoman...Harris lacks the qualities Floridians should expect in a U.S. senator, such as wisdom, good judgment and the ability to represent all the people fairly and without prejudice. Nelson has proved that he has those qualities.

Friends, when your own hometown newspaper endorses your opponent, you just ain't got a snowball's get the message.

Meanwhile, the Tampa Tribune has begun it's endorsements, and it seems as though they are touting a straight Republican ticket for the Cabinet positions, favouring Brandon State Senator Tom Lee for Chief Financial Officer, Bill McCollum for Attorney General, and Charles Bronson for Secretary of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs.

One interesting note among the Tribune's endorsements: In the piece backing McCollum, it mentions that when Democratic challenger Walter G. "Skip" Campbell, Jr. promises to focus on consumer issues, businesses fear he will become like Eliot Spitzer, the New York attorney general who has redefined the office's role through crusading investigations.

Florida needs someone who will investigate when an investigation is warranted. The state does not need a crusader.

I have to disagree here. Sometimes, it takes a crusader to get things done to help people. Spitzer has done a fine job in New York State in that area.

The Orlando Sentinel announced that it would begin offering it's picks for the November 7 election on Sunday. Several newspapers are currently offering their endorsements for local and judicial races, but haven't gotten to the statewide contests yet.


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