Friday, September 15, 2006


It was sad to hear yesterday that two key officers of the Polk County Democratic Executive Committee, Chairman Richard Blank and State Committeewoman Caroll Franklin, submitted their resignations this week.

I will not lie here, and besides, Lakeland Ledger political columnist Bill Rufty has the story in today's edition: The two decided to step aside after disagreements over a couple of issues were allowed to become personal in nature.

Richard and Caroll are to be commended for the work they have done on behalf of the local organization, and both have said that while they would no longer be part of the DEC, their efforts on behalf of the party's candidates would continue.

Any time you have an organization with a number of people, you will have a variety of personalities and opinions. It is inevitable that at some point, you will have an issue that will bring out strong feelings on all sides. The key is to keep those disagreements civil in nature. Unfortunately, in this situation that was not the case...simply terrible timing considering the general election is less than five weeks away.

And for those who may get the idea that this behaviour is only with Democrats, it is not: Read this Rufty story, also in today's Ledger. Our opponents tend to have the same problem on occasion as well.

But we move on: Nancy Simmons, a former member of the Polk County School Board who was only elected Vice Chairperson last Monday evening to replace Mary B. Nelson of Winter Haven --- who resigned last month due to family health issues --- will serve as Acting Chairperson until an election will be held at the next meeting Monday, October 9. Ms. Simmons has said that she will not stand for election as Chairwoman at that meeting.


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