Thursday, September 14, 2006


Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jim Davis made the best pick possible when he decided to ask former State Senator Daryl Jones of Miami to be his running mate.

Certainly, the choice may help his standing with the African American community, and it may get at least some supporters of primary opponent State Senator Rod Smith excited, but the bottom line is simply that Jones is the best choice.

Of the several names that were tossed about, Jones' is the only one with any semblance of statewide recognition, due to his own gubernatorial campaign four years ago. Young, very articulate, knowledgable about the major issues facing Florida, and experienced from his time in the State Senate, Daryl Jones will make an excellent liaison between a Governor Davis and the Legislature. Also, with his experience from service in the U.S. Air Force and Reserves and known for his nomination as Air Force Secretary by then-President Bill Clinton, he should be a great resource to work with the military leadership to maintain --- and possibly expand --- it's presence in the Sunshine State.

Way to go, Jim! Congratulations on a great choice.


Blogger KDJ said...

I agree- Great pick!


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