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The Legislature ended it's regular session Friday night, and when the House adjourned for the last time (unless we see a special session, not out of the picture) a group greeted Speaker Allan Bense (R - Panama City) with stickers and chants in an effort to encourage him to run for the U.S. Senate.

Governor Bush plans to meet with the businessman this week about the possibility of eventually challenging Democratic incumbant Bill Nelson, after a primary race against Congresswoman Katherine Harris (R - Longboat Key).

According to the New York Times Regional Newspaper Group story:

Bense trails Harris by 17 points, according to the latest poll by Republican polling company Strategic Vision. But, David E. Johnson, CEO of the firm, said Bense would likely pick up 5-10 points if he had a big splash announcement that included Bush.

Republicans are pushing so hard for Bense to get into the race not only because Harris is vulnerable, but out of fear that her loss could affect other races.

Chris Ingram, spokesman for the Harris campaign, said "party insiders" are entitled to their opinion, but Harris is staying in the race.

Put your money on it: Bense will announce by Thursday. Yeah, yeah, I know the deadline for filing is Friday, but there will be plenty of GOP activists who want someone other than Harris in the race and will write the checks necessary to insure that Bense has no problems qualifying. He's also a huge loyalist, and won't be able to turn down a direct request to "do it for the team".

Still, it won't help, if the poll results hold up:

If the election were held today for United States Senate, whom would you support, Bill Nelson, the Democrat or Allan Bense, the Republican?

Bill Nelson 47%
Allan Bense 36%
Undecided 17%

But it could become interesting...


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