Monday, August 08, 2005


Lakeland Ledger political columnist Bill Rufty mentions this morning that the race for State Senate President ain't over quite yet, and we may even see two Polk County collegues battle it out for the head chair.

State Senator Paula Dockery (R - Lakeland) has been seeking the presidency for awhile, having dropped out for the 2008-2010 race after it was clear she did not have the amount of support needed to win. She is actively seeking the president's office for 2010-2012, but rumours are that Senator J.D. Alexander (R - Lake Wales) could also enter the race.

If Dockery does win, it would seem that Polk County could have close ties to the leadership positions in both chambers of the Legislature. Representative Dean Cannon (R - Winter Park), formerly of Lakeland, has reportedly received enough pledges from collegues to become Speaker of the House in 2010.

But remember...all this can only happen if they are still part of the majority in their respective houses then. A lot can happen before then...


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