Sunday, August 07, 2005


The Evangalical Lutheran Church in America is holding it's biennial Churchwide Assembly beginning tomorrow in Orlando, and Lakeland Ledger religion writer (Rev.) Cary McMullen looks at how --- or if --- the gathering will deal with the issue of how to deal with homosexuals and their place in the church. It's an issue that most other major Protestant demoninations have had to work around in recent years.

McMullen writes that most observers are saying that the ELCA will stay the course on it's current policy of prohibiting the ordination of gays and the blessing of same-sex relationships.

Among the other proposals to be decided is one which would allow ECLA congregations to share Holy Communion with their United Methodist brethren, and a resolution on peace in the Middle East which urges ECLA churches to use communion ware made in Bethlehem as a gesture of solidarity with their fellow church members in Jordan and the Holy Land.


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