Friday, August 12, 2005


Faced with huge opposition from Florida State University fans and Governor Jeb Bush, a possibility of litigation, miscommunication, and incomplete information, the NCAA could possibily reconsider the school's use of the Seminole mascot at it's championship events.

One of the considerations that the 18 member committee looking at school nicknames considered "hostile and abusive" in FSU's case was a letter from David Narcomey, a member of the General Council of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma.

University of Hartford President Walter Harrison, who chaired the committee, said they believed that the letter represented the views of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma, but the tribe's attorney general said that Narcomey's views did not reflect it's own.

As a matter of fact, Narcomey pushed for a tribal resolution condemning FSU's Seminole nickname and mascot last month. It was defeated handily...18-2.

Harrison says he wants to better understand Florida State's history with the Seminoles, and says the Tallahassee school has "good grounds" to appeal.


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