Tuesday, June 14, 2005


In Sunday's Palm Beach Post, columnist Jose Lambiet makes note of the fact that millionaire New Jersey bus company owner Alan Mackerley, who was successfully convicted of murdering a business rival in 1998 and sentenced to a life sentence at the Florida State Prison in Starke, has been living the life not doing hard time up the river, but in the Martin County Jail only a few miles from his Stuart home.

Mackerley's original life sentenced was originally overturned on appeal. After a second trial resulting in a hung jury he was convicted again on retrial two years ago and once again sentenced to life in prison.

So why is this well-to-do gentleman still in the Martin County Jail, you wonder?
Seems as though nearly four years ago he allegedly attempted to bribe a corrections officer for pastrami sandwiches, cigarettes, and a radio. The charges are still pending, and while several trial dates have been cancelled during the past four years, the case is not on the docket to be heard soon.

The closest anyone in the local DA's office would say about this case is that "It's not the policy of this office to drop charges."

I would say, this fellow should have been at the Florida State Prison long, long ago, and since his sentence calls for him to be there for the rest of his natrual life, there is really no need for the Martin County DA's office to pursue this obvious waste of time. Drop the charges, and get him to Starke ASAP!


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