Monday, June 13, 2005


Saturday I posted some reports regarding Central Florida congressional races, including who was in the running to replace Congresswoman Katherine Harris as the 13th District representative as Ms. Harris gets her campaign underway for Bill Nelson's U.S. Senate seat.

I'm afraid I undercounted the number of candidates, especially in what should be a wide open GOP race for the seat, which covers a district including all of Sarasota, DeSoto, and Hardee counties along with much of Manatee and a portion of Charlotte County.

As I mentioned originally, on Friday Sarasota Herald Tribune political columnist Jeremy Wallace made note that at a Republican women's club meeting in Venice, State Representative Nancy Detert (R - Venice) said that she would run for Ms. Harris' congressional seat. Previously announced candidates on the GOP side are State Representative Bill Galvano (R - Bradenton) and former Sarasota County Republican Party Chairman Tramm Hudson. BTW: Hudson has received the endorsement of former congressman Dan Miller of Bradenton and was named the front runner in the race by three in-the-Beltway publications.

Two other potential candidates, although still unannounced, are making moves toward that eventuality. That is according to Jeremy Wallace's column today.

Vernon G. Buchanan, who is chairman of Buchanan Automotive Group which owns 21 dealerships across the Southeastern U.S., will be in Washington tomorrow evening to attend the Republican National Congressional Committee's President's Dinner. Wallace mentions that as of last last week he is close to entering the race but has is not prepared to make an announcement. Buchanan, an active GOP fundraiser who has never run for office before, seriously considered entering the U.S. Senate race last year after Congressman Mark Foley (R - West Palm Beach) --- who he had been supporting --- withdrew.

Mark Flanagan, a financial consultant and former state legislator from Bradenton who is current Chairman of the Manatee County Republican Party, has hired the media consulting firm Strategic Visions in preperation for a possible run. Flanagan served as chairman of the House Banking Committee and was a major author of the rules governing the Cabinet post of Chief Financial Officer.

There are three Democrats who have announced their candidacy:

Christine Jennings is the Founder/Chairperson/CEO of Sarasota Bank before it's merger two years ago with Alabama-based Colonial BancGroup, and afterward served as Colonial's Sarasota County President before retiring.

Attorney Jan Schneider of Sarasota is making her second run for this seat. She lost to Ms. Harris by a 55-45 percent split in last year's general election. Ms. Schneider is an attorney, graduating from Yale Law School in the same class as Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton. She is also an author.

Political newcomer Michael LeFevers of Bradenton is virtually unknown at this point.


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