Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Geico Insurance is filming a series of commercials this week using Polk County locations as a backdrop for it's message aimed at hurricane prepardness and preperation.

The spots will be aired throughout the hurricane season, with several specifically targeted for broadcast in areas as a hurricane/tropical storm is threatening.

Four unnamed locations will be used as officials and production crews will be touring the area this week.

And a great story in today's Fort Myers News Press. You may have heard about the crew from Bravo's makeover show "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" did an episode focusing on the grooming issues with several members of the Boston Red Sox. While the Fab Five were in the area during spring training, they helped restore the primary field for Port Charlotte's Harold Avenue Recreation Centre and it's National Little League, which was devestated by Hurricane Charley last year.

The league got a nice batch of equipment from the Red Sox and got to participate in a pickup game with Boston players at City of Palms Park in nearby Fort Myers. The Iowa-based firm Musco Sports Lighting installed it's new design LightStructure Green, making it only the second facility in Florida to have it. A local contractor also donated labour for the installation.

On the episode that aired on Bravo last week, the league was awarded a $100,000 check to help in the field's restoration. Also kicking in $10,000 were the Minnesota Twins. Money also came from FEMA and insurance.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the locations was the 3100 block of Bartow Road. We saw it on the way to work. They were filming in a parking lot there. The shoot concerned a wrecked minivan and a car. We didn't have time to get close enough to ask what was going on.

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