Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Wanna know WHY we need a paper trail for ALL our voting machines? Read this piece from WKMG-TV6 in Orlando. Over 13,000 ballots were affected by this glitch in one machine in Daytona Beach. Thankfully, Volusia County uses the same optical scan system we in Polk County use, so there is a paper trail that guarantees they will be counted. Can you imagine what would have happened if this had occured in Hillsborough County, where they use the new touch screen machines? Remember, it was the memory card that failed, so those votes would have been gone forever.

And Republicans are challenging the accuracy of the voting rolls in heavily Democratic Broward County, paving the way for a possible legal challenge after today. A judge there dismissed the Republican complaint, saying they failed to show there was any impending crisis warranting court action. North of there, in Palm Beach County, the party chairpersons traded sharp barbs Monday.

I'm off to do poll watching, then to celebrate (hopefully) afterward, so there will likely not be any more posts today. LET'S START "TAKIN' OUR COUNTRY BACK!"


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