Sunday, October 31, 2004

The anti-John Kerry "documentary" (read: character assassination) "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal" is getting air time across America, although Sinclair Broadcast Group backed off from their original plan to do so. Sinclair did show some excerpts from the film as part of an overall "news program" after heavy criticism and pressure from advertisers, viewers, and stockholders. However, the production company --- Red, White, and Blue Productions --- has raised donations through the website for "Stolen Honor" and purchased airtime a-la "infomercial style" to get the full 42 minute hatchet job aired on various television stations, PAX TV and via DishTV as well as online. Sinclair's station in Tampa Bay, WTTA-TV 38, aired it early this morning. Several Florida stations have/had time set aside for several airings this weekend. For example, WKMG-TV 6 in Orlando was scheduled to broadcast "Stolen Honor" four times, and WCTN-TV in West Palm Beach also has/had four airings scheduled. Don't bother looking for the exact times; they are listed by the individual stations as "Paid Programming".

It just goes to show you that if a group wants to do a slam job on a candidate, they will do it by whatever means are available. While Sinclair rightly had pressure brought upon it to not air the film under the excuse of being a "news event" to get around FCC regulations in forwarding a clearly political agenda, the folks behind it were able to get it aired regardless.

Thankfully, it won't have as much of an effect as it's airing will not have received much publicity, and it was/is being aired at generally off times when viewership is extremely low. The intent now is to plug sales of the DVD (noted at several times by reminders at the bottom of the screen).


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