Monday, November 01, 2004

Sometimes, you really have to be in awe...

--- If you want a unique insight on why we should choose John Kerry, then read this morning's post on the Miami-based blog Bark Bark Woof Woof. "Mustang Bobby", who owns the site, is an author and playwright, and makes a wonderful case with which I agree wholeheartedly. While we differed in our original choices (I supported Wesley Clark), the choice now is truly right. You Go, MB!

---According to this week's column by Lakeland Ledger politicial reporter Bill Rufty, Polk County Supervisor of Elections Lori Edwards is predicting a 70 percent turnout overall for this election. Of Polk County's 295,739 registered voters, 55,804 have already cast ballots as of the end of the workday Saturday: 20,370 taking advantage of early voting option, with 35,434 voting absentee.

--- Palm Beach County SOE Theresa LePore has yet another controversy to deal with. Widely published journalist James Henry, whose work has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and other publications, was tackled, punched, and arrested by a Palm Beach County sheriff's deputy while photographing and interviewing voters lined up outside the SOE's office to take advantage of the early voting option. Although it was said such activity was barred by Ms. LePore per a new policy, the Palm Beach Post noted no such restriction was mentioned to media representatives during a meeting Friday. The incident was witnessed by reporters from the Post and the Daily Telegraph of London. (Thanks to Blogwood for the heads-up).

--- The Fort Myers News-Press has chosen not to endorse a candidate for president. The News-Press endorsed Bill Clinton in 1992, split between Clinton and Dole in '96, and endorsed Bush four years ago.

"This year, our board is as divided as the country and our board members equally as passionate about their choices.

That is why we are not endorsing a candidate for president of the United States."

--- Tomorrow I'll likely not do much posting here, as I'll be a designated poll watcher in my home precinct, 201 at the Lakeland Harbor 55+ community clubhouse in north Lakeland. It's not a "base" precinct (60% Democratic registration), but it covers a large area and is mostly white, with a lot of senior citizens. My function as a poll watcher for the Democratic Party will be not monitoring who votes, as is the usual case, but 1) keeping track of the overall number of voters, and 2) watching for any problems that may arise (challenges, voters being disenfranchised for any reason, polls not opening/closing as scheduled, scanners not functioning properly). Personally, I don't forsee any issues arising; I've mentioned here several times that Lori and her staff are exceptional, and many of the poll workers at Lakeland Harbor have done so for quite some time.

--- Both presidential candidates made one last pitch in Tampa Sunday, hoping to reach those few voters still undecided on how to vote tomorrow. However, some of the security issues bordered on the ridiculous at the Bush appearance at Legends Field: One reporter was told he could not bring his ball-point pen into the venue, and an event staffer insisted that a reporter could not interview people in the crowd.

Some of Bush's remarks are simply unreal: ``I remember the man who grabbed me by the arm. He looked me square in the eye, and he said, `Do not let me down.' " Believe me, if ANYONE grapped the POTUS by the arm, they'd be down, allright...the Secret Service boys would be on top of him like white on rice.

--- And if you didn't see "Larry King Live" last night (it was a special Sunday edition), you missed several really contentious exchanges between Bush/Cheney campaign manager Marc Racicot and former Nebrasha Senator/Kerry advisor Bob Kerrey. It got so bad King almost lost control of the program...something he usually is excellent at. Kerrey took an attitude with several points made by Racicot, and truly sounded peed-off. At the end of the program they were so involved that the host barely had time to wrap the show. Too bad they were in different locations...each said they wished they have been face to face for the conversation. Don't know if Larry K could have handled THAT!

--- Call it what you want, but it's simply jacking up tuition for students at Florida's colleges. The State University Presidents Association has proposed a "technology fee" of up to $100 to upgrade computers, equipment, and wireless networks.


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