Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Just for your consideration, here's some scattershooting on this Wednesday afternoon while I'm back on the old IBM Aptiva computer...with WINDOWS 95!

--- An interesting story from USA Today regarding druggists who refuse to fill prescriptions for birth control pills or other contraceptives for religious or moral reasons. In one case, a Denton, Texas Eckerds pharmacist refused to fill a prescription during March for contraceptives for a woman said to be a rape victim!

Sometimes, we come across situations in our work that we may not agree with. But we do not have the right to judge another person's decision. As long as the prescription is written by a legally licensed physician, and as long as the medication being prescribed does not obviously present a danger to the patient (based on other medications being taken by the person), the pharmacist does not/should not have the right to simply refuse to fill the prescription based on his/her personal religious beliefs!

--- Governor Jeb! has said once again that he will not run for president in 2008, or for that matter for the U.S. Senate when Bill Nelson's term is up two years from now.

I can believe it when he says he won't run for the Oval Office, but if you give him six to 12 months, with the right prompting by Republican backers, he'll decide to challenge Senator Nelson. Florida's soon-to-be senior U.S. Senator is wearing a huge target on his back, the result of being the only remaining statewide Democratic officeholder. No doubt that even if Jeb! doesn't choose to make a run and head back into private life, there will be plenty of Republicans to take up the slack, as the South Florida Sun-Sentinel notes

--- The changes are beginning for the second Bush administration. Commerce Secretary Don Evans and Attorney General John Ashcroft have tendered their resignations to the President. Ashcroft's step-down was no great surprise. Evans' was.

--- I'm fustrated today, as my main 'puter, a Gateway piece, has gone south for the second time in six months. Looks like the power supply has gone south again. Looks like I'll be on this machine for awhile...but at least I'm still on.


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