Sunday, September 26, 2004

NOW I'm starting to become concerned...

It's kinda hard trying to get a few hours of sleep when the wind gusts are picking up enough for you to feel the building ever so slightly shake. And you hear noises in the night as if something is hitting on the building, not knowing what kind of debris just struck, only to realize that it is simply another transformer a few blocks over that blew.

When I stepped onto my balcony a few moments ago, it was especially eerie to see this huge oak tree right in front of my building, it's large branches beginning to shake ever so slightly. I didn't see that with the two previous storms, although the small limbs littered the parking lot afterward.

Here's the latest radar view from the Tampa Bay National Weather Service (as of 6:44 AM). The centre of Jeanne is approximately 50-60 miles southeast of me in Lakeland, but it looks like we're in for rough weather for much of the day. I'll be back if the electricity doesn't go out or the tree in front of my building doesn't fall on us here...


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