Saturday, September 25, 2004

Some notes as we prepare once again, this time for Jeanne...

---For those who want a good site to check out the latest info about hurricanes that may affect this part of our state, and discuss same, go to the Central Florida Hurricane Centre 2004 site. It is a great source for lots of information, and there is a good message board there as well (registration required, but it's free).

---Not too many people are seeking plywood at the local Home Depot from what I saw this morning. Apparantly most folks have saved theirs from Charley and Frances, or have decided not to go through the trouble again...a definate mistake if that is their choice, considering the 11AM forecast track that takes Jeanne's centre over eastern Polk County. It has, BTW, strengthened into a Catagory 3 hurricane, and a Catagory 4 is not out of the question prior to landfall overnight.

---There are nine shelters which have been opened as of noon across Polk County, plus one special needs shelter. Other than that, the official response has been decidedly slow...or it seems that way. My guess is that with everyone being so storm weary, along with questions as to the effect Jeanne will have here, there is some reluctance to put the citizenry through this once again. That decision may bite our emergency management people on the backside if this forecast track is correct.

---And a couple of media notes of humour: A couple of posters on the Central Florida Hurricane Centre 2004 site (see above) message board noted interesting coincidences from The Weather Channel...

1) One rather timely commercial for Tropicana orange juice (the poster, I believe, was from Cocoa Beach), featuring as music the theme from the 60s sitcom "I Dream of Jeannie" (remember that classic with Barbara Eden?)

2) During their "Local On The 8s" forecast segment, the background music was the song "Cast Your Fate To the Winds". Here are some other music they could used that would have been just as appropriate:

---"Riders of the Storm", The Doors
---"Rock You Like A Hurricane", Scorpions
---"Eye of the Hurricane", Kevin Kinney


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