Sunday, September 26, 2004

A bright and early Sunday 'morn to you, too!

Yeah, I had a restless sleep, so I had to step onto my apartment's front balcony to see if the neighbours still had a roof. They do.

The 8PM Forecast Track has Jeannie cutting through the northeast corner of Polk County. However, that forecast is challenged by WFTS-TV 28 Chief Meteorologist Denis Phillips, who is looking for her to continue more westerly and cut more of a swath through Central Polk and Eastern Hillsborough counties. I'll buy into it; after all, he was one of the first to say on-air that Charley's earterly turn toward Charlotte County was more than "just a wobble".

Right now there is some gusts here in North Lakeland (near I-4). Nothing of any consequence, about 20 MPH. Earlier there were gusts up to 35 MPH at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport in the south part of the city. Some bands of rain are coming through. Before I settled down for a few hours of rest, I noticed that at least a couple of neighbours had taped their windows at their apartments, and you could hear the strains of ranchero music as some Hispanic neighbours across the way were enjoying their Saturday evening before the storm.

I am hoping that we survive this hurricane as we did Charley and Frances. This is a mid-size apartment complex of approximately 120 units in 16 buildings. The electrical wiring is underground, which is one of the main reason why our power did not go out while others in the area did. The local utilities have already announced that when the lights go out, it could be an extended outage, as the manpower and equipment are already streched thin due to the previous storms...and they cannot necessairly rely on the amount of help from utilities outside the area that was received after Charley and Frances.

I'm going back to bed for awhile, but if the electricity holds up I'll continue to make entries here as long as possible. As the saying goes, you can't be good to anyone unless you be good to yourself. Keep high (on life, of course), and keep dry.


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