Tuesday, August 14, 2007


To this point, the first half of the 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season has been rather quiet. Only three named tropical storms, all of which meandered out to sea and were of no threat to the North American coast.

But things are changing quickly.

As we begin this Tuesday morning there are two systems of which forecasters are concerned. What is now known as Tropical Depression Four could likely become Tropical Storm Dean sometime today as it continues on a westward track, and the prediction is for it to become the season's first hurricane by week's end. The forecast track calls for this system to continue heading west, with a light west-northwesterdly curve as it approaches Puerto Rico by Sunday. This is a storm that we in Florida will have to keep a close watch on over the weekend.

The second system is currently an area of low pressure with showers and thunderstorms just off Mexico's Yucatan Penisula. However, it is also in an area that is favourable for development, and could become Tropical Depression Five later today after the "Hurricane Hunter" recon plane from Keesler AFB, Mississippi investigates. If it does reach tropical storm status, it would be named Erin. Forecast tracks suggest that within a few days it could become a threat to the coast of Texas or northern Mexico.
It's never too late...or too early...to get those storm plans ready.


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