Monday, August 13, 2007


The Wall Street Journal is reporting this morning that White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove is resigning effective August 31. Rove told WSJ editorial page editor Paul Gigot that he will be returning to his home in the Texas Hill Country, and that he had actually considered leaving a year ago but stayed after the Democrats took over control of Congress and for the debate over immigration. His decision was set after presidential Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten advised senior aides that if they remained past Labor Day that they would be obliged to remain until President Bush's term ended January 20, 2009.

The WSJ editorial this morning, entitled "The Mark of Rove", shows an upbeat Rove, who actually believes that the president's approval rating will actually head back up and surpass that of the legislative branch. There's even a question about Rove returning to work with a possible Jeb Bush presidency in 2012.

In the theatre of professional wrestling, Ric Flair refers to himself as "The Dirtiest Player In the Game" because he'll do anything, break any rule to win. Karl Rove could be considered the political equivilent of Flair. But presidential politics is not theatre, and we have laws to govern how our leaders conduct themselves on behalf of the American people. There is no doubt that Rove and others in the Bush Administration have trounced over the rule of law. It's too bad that when Karl Rove returns to the Lone Star State, it's won't be to a federal prison.


Anonymous Sunny said...

Buh-bye...I'm certain he's up to something...most likely regrouping the Repugs for 2008.

Hmmm...wonder if he will be forced to testify before Congress now without the shield of benefactor Bush?

6:33 AM  
Anonymous Sunny said...

Nah-he's probably going into the witness protection program.

6:34 AM  

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