Monday, August 13, 2007


First, let me take a moment to thank all of you who have visited, supported, and linked to I4J for the past three-plus years (it's been that long already?), and hope that you will continue to do so as this blog continues to provide another voice from Imperial Polk County.

As many of you who have visited are aware, for some time now my home computer has been experiencing fits from a few days to a few weeks during which it has refused to work, forcing me to do weekly posts from the Lakeland Public Library. During these times when I attempt to switch on my PC, an IBM, it would start normally by showing the IBM logo on screen as it prepares to switch into Windows mode. However, Windows would not come on, and all I would see is the IBM logo.

This past Friday, I switched on the 'puter and, Glory to God, she operated normally, and has been since. How long will I be so blessed, I don't know. But while it's working OK I'll be posting on a regular basis...and have been throughout the weekend.

I encourage you to check out the posts from the weekend, and thanks again for stopping by.

Robert C.


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