Friday, August 10, 2007


Unfortunately, since my personal computer has basically seen it's final days, I am relegated to one hour a week on a computer at the local library. As a result, I will combine several subjects into one post to save time and effort.

--- This week is seeing yet another round of states attempting to do one better in moving their presidential preference primaries or caucuses ahead of everyone else. Now, in order to maintain it's first-in-the-nation status, Iowa is seriously considering moving it's caucuses to December. I heard on a radio programme yesterday afternoon a great comparision to a bunch of second grade schoolchildren crowding near the front of the lunch line so as not to lose their place.

I still believe fully that a set of rotating regional primaries and caucuses would be the best direction to go. There would be no whining or crying on who would be first, as every region would go first at some point as the schedule would be rotated each election cycle. It would allow candidates to concentrate on specific areas of the country, and therefore specific issues important to those areas in addition to issues of an overall national importance.

--- Congratulations to Barry Bonds on his becoming Major League Baseball's home run king this week. Because of questions regarding wheather he used steriods or other performance enhancing drugs, his record will be debated for years to come. While I have my own ideas on the subject, I believe the record should be accepted as Bonds has never had a test come back positive for 'roids or other drugs, and there is no other clear evidence showing such usage. Almost as much of a reason people do not want Bonds to have the record is that he is not a press or fan-friendly type of player...simply put, he doesn't have the class of the man whose record he broke, "Hammerin" Hank Aaron. And if you think breaking the HR record is enough, think again. You'll hear more about Bonds next season, as he is scheduled to join the 3,000-plus hit club then.

All this said, it is up to MLB and the other major sports organization to come down hard on players who use steriods and other performance enhancing drugs. Such usage not only cheats the games and fans, it also cheats the player as well. We should expect players to use their natrual, God-given talent...nothing more, nothing less.

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