Wednesday, April 11, 2007


You know it's a very slow news day when veteran radio personality Don Imus can command the first segment of national newscasts by putting his foot in his mouth, which he did earlier this week in referring to the Rutgers University women's basketball team as "nappy-headed 'hos" and other unflattering references on his show.

I used to watch Imus occasionally when I had cable TV, but he always seemed to come across as an embittered old man whose adult life had passed him by thanks to drug and alcohol addictions suffered while he was a hugely successful radio host in New York for many years. While he says he does comedy during his syndicated radio programme simulcast by MSNBC on cable, often it is a sharp tounged style which has in the past gotten him in similar trouble.

As a veteran of the media, especially with his tenure in the 'biz, Imus should have known how far he can push the envelope as to what is appropriate, especially when it has racial overtones. The two week suspension ordered by CBS Radio, which owns his radio show, and MSNBC is certainly appropriate in this case, along with the mea culpas he has been offering for the past couple of days. He is scheduled to meet with the Rutgers team early next week, and there he should show that he is sincere in his regrets over what was clearly offensive statements.

Makes us remember the days of live, locally produced radio that actually gave a rat's behind about the community. Too bad in many cases that is gone forever, thanks to cheap corporate radio mogul wannabees.


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