Friday, March 02, 2007


ABC / This Week with George Stephanopoulos: The upcoming showdown on funding for the Iraq occupation and the 2008 election will be debated by U.S. Senators Chuck Schumer (D - NY), Vice Chairman of the Senate Democratic Caucus, and Trent Lott (R - MS), Minority Whip. Also, in his first Sunday chat show appearance, Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson, Jr. will talk about the stock market drop this week and what it means for the U.S. economy. Jazzman Wynton Marsalis will appear to discuss his new record release, which he says is his most political in years. And the roundtable will include ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Martha Raddatz, E.J. Dionne, Jr. of the Washington Post, and conservative columnist George Will in a discussion of the week's political news.

CBS / Face The Nation with Bob Schieffer: The Iraq occupation and Treatment of U.S. Veterans in the face of criticisms of conditions at Walter Reed Army Hospital will be the topics to be discussed with U.S. Senators and Armed Services Committee members Carl Levin (D - MI / Chairman) and Joseph Lieberman (I - CT) along with Washington Post writer Annie Hull.

CNN / Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer: The increasing violence in Baghdad will be the primary topic of conversation with the new U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad, U.S. Senators Jon Kyl (R - AZ) and Christopher Dodd (D - CT / Also a presidential candidate), Lt. General Raymond Odierno of the Multi-National Force in Iraq, and Congressman/Presidential Candidate Tom Tancredo (R - CO). Also appearing, Ron Brownstein of the Los Angeles Times, Jill Zuckerman of the Chicago Tribune, and John Fund of the Wall Street Journal.

FOX / Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace: The latest on the Global War on Terror will be discussed with U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D - CA) and Congressman Peter Hoekstra (R - MI)

NBC / Meet the Press with Tim Russert: A debate on the proposed troop surge to Iraq between House Defence Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman John Murtha (D - PA) and Senate Armed Services Committee member Lindsey Graham (R - SC). Then, a discussion of the latest news regarding Decision 2008 with CNBC Chief Washington Correspondent John Harwood and Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post.

Syndicated / The Chris Matthews Show: Can Hillary Rodham Clinton win the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination as more Black votes head to Barack Obama? And Republican John McCain will be 72 next year; will voters consider him too old to be president? Those will be the questions discussed by NBC News Chief White House Correspondent David Gregory, Elisabeth Bumiller of the New York Times, Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page, and Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post Writers Group.

Bay News 9 / Political Connections: The controveresy surrounding the Largo City Commission decision to begin termination proceedings against 14-year veteran City Manager Steve Stanton after his announcement that he is a transsexual and will eventually undergo a sex change operation will be discussed with Mayor Patricia Gerard, one of only two members who voted against termination. Also appearing will be Bay News 9 political analyst and former Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn.


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I think Stanton's got a heck of a lawsuit - check out the law on my blog -

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